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What is truly halal?

You are all probably familiar with the concept of halal and haram in regards to slaughter, animals and foods. Most muslims have an idea of hows the animal should be slaughtered in order for the meat to be halal, the common rules is that animals to be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter, since carrion is forbidden and, jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe have to be severed by a razor s...[Read More]

Gelatine Sweets – Beware!

We all love a nice fruity chew or the odd fizzy cola bottle now and again but you need to be careful of the ingredients because many of them include pork and other animal gelatines. Some of the most popular brands such as Fruitella, Haribo and Maynards all have pork and other gelatine in many of their products. I have always been quite meticulous in reading labels and making sure of ingredients an...[Read More]

New Asda Ruislip

As you are probably aware Asda has always catered for the Halal community and as far as I remember it was the first mainstream supermarket to have halal butcher counters. Over the last decade halal options within supermarkets has grown with most supermarkets having at least some sort of range. If you do not shop at Asda you should check one out as they have a large range of halal foods and produce...[Read More]

Tesco’s ever growing Halal range

Tesco has been gradually increasing their halal range for the past few years, many branches have a halal meat section in the refrigeration areas as well as deli products, snacks and sandwiches and wraps. I have tried quite a few of their deli produce like the chorizo, sausages, sliced chicken and pasties as well as the Shazans range of meats which are quite good. It seems the big supermarket chain...[Read More]

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