Gelatine Sweets – Beware!

Gelatine Sweets – Beware!

We all love a nice fruity chew or the odd fizzy cola bottle now and again but you need to be careful of the ingredients because many of them include pork and other animal gelatines. Some of the most popular brands such as Fruitella, Haribo and Maynards all have pork and other gelatine in many of their products.

I have always been quite meticulous in reading labels and making sure of ingredients and have been surprised many a time at where I have found gelatine, cereal’s, mousse, sweets, mac & cheese, jam, desserts and many others. So my point here its wise to spend a extra twenty seconds reading labels just in case their may be animal ingredients.

I have also spoken to some of the manufacturers including Haribo about their products and they for the most part confirm that when the word “gelatine” in on the label in most cases it is unprocessed pork gelatine, the reason behind this is that its cheaper than bovine gelatine and fruit gelling agents such as pectin are not as suitable and do not give the same result.


Since being a kid I have always been inquisitive about food and nutrition, always trying to find new halal foods and snacks and researching ingredients and health implications. I am a nutritionalist by trade. I enjoy eating out, travelling and whole range of sports.

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