New Asda Ruislip

New Asda Ruislip

As you are probably aware Asda has always catered for the Halal community and as far as I remember it was the first mainstream supermarket to have halal butcher counters. Over the last decade halal options within supermarkets has grown with most supermarkets having at least some sort of range.

If you do not shop at Asda you should check one out as they have a large range of halal foods and produce. The new branch in Ruislip has fresh meat butcher counter, deli section with meat slices, sausages and other processed meats, a range of oven meals and soups, a large triple freezer area filled with loads of foods and snacks.

Its good to see that the big chains have realised that its worth while expanded their halal ranges, I was also pleased to see that there was a whole isle with “ramadan” products with big Ramadan signs over it.

The butcher area has all the usuals (mince, chicken, chops, marinated meats etc) as well as specific cuts of meat such as sirloin, rib eye and so on which I was pleasantly surprised to see as good cuts of meat and steaks are a rarity and even many halal butchers do not offer.

Since being a kid I have always been inquisitive about food and nutrition, always trying to find new halal foods and snacks and researching ingredients and health implications. I am a nutritionalist by trade. I enjoy eating out, travelling and whole range of sports.

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