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This popular Lebanese restaurant and take way is located in Park Royal has a huge following and its easy to see why. Awafi foods have been a very successful catering company for over two decades and opened up this restaurant a while back with meats and ingredients that are extremely fresh and due to their constant stream of take aways and deliveries the grills are constantly churning out delicious chicken taouk’s, kafta’s and other dishes.

This is not your standard Lebanese restaurant with table service, plates etc. the food comes in foil containers whether you sit, get take away or delivery but thats not why you would go here.

The foods come fast and fresh and are very reasonably priced. The meats are grilled on charcoal bbq which results in delicious tender chargrilled juiciness, I have had many a takeaway and have sat in the restaurant too and the food is always the same, consistent in the way they are cooked and taste.

They also have a old school style oven where they make breads and flatbreads with meat, cheese and other ingredients which a must try if you haven’t.

The dishes are either served with rice, chips and/or salad. They also do a variety of wraps which are equally as nice, made with large Lebanese flat breads.

Whether you are passing by or ordering you wont be disappointed, the staff and the managers are very friendly and always ready to fulfil specific requirements.

Awafi as mentioned above started years ago as a catering company for weddings, parties, meetings etc and are very good at it indeed, we have used them on a few occasions and always been very pleased with the food and service.


  • Very fresh food and ingredients
  • Fast and friendly
  • Competent caterers


Taste & Quality - 8
Value - 8.5
Service - 7.5
Passionate about food, life....Hahaha only joking, Too cliche. I do very much enjoy good food though & I have always searched meticulously for better halal restaurants, take aways, snacks etc. So I decided to start putting it on the Interweb.

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