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This stop was a spur of the moment one, We were driving back from East London and passed the Islington branch and thought we would pop in and have a little feast. We went in to be greeted by very friendly staff who were happy to confirm the halal status (its also clearly stated on all menus). The restaurant it self  has a slight diner-ish vibe with booths by the windows, a bar with stools, neon sign etc.

Got me some Fricken (fried chicken)….

Excuse the pun, anyway..the food here is based around fried chicken (burgers, starters and pieces) the burgers either have boneless thighs or breast, the also incorporate waffles, either has chicken and waffles or their waffle burger. There is also some interesting desserts which I will get to at he end.

We ordered a Waffle Burger £14 which ended up being two pounds more because I wanted chicken breast, a Royale Burger £10, fries £3 and fried pickles £3.75. I was quite exited for the waffle burger, American cheese, BBQ mayo, hot sauce and maple syrup with two fried chicken breasts. When it arrived it looked a bit dry and upon first bite I realised that it was slightly on the dry side, the cheese was very thin and frazzled so I couldn’t really taste it and there was not enough sauce, I am not one for drenching in sauce but there needs to be a good balance.

The chicken itself was good quality, nice and white with a tasty crunchy coating but unfortunately it was a bit dry. The waffle was slightly bland and stodgy in the centre, the outer parts which were cooked better tasted nicer and in my opinion should be have been slightly sweeter or should have had more maple syrup to achieve that sweet/savoury balance a dish like this needs to have. The chicken burger was similar but the bun and ingredients were well balanced, good amount of cheese and sauces with lovely crunchy pickles.

The sides were nice, fries were done well and the fried pickles were also good, good quality crunchy and juicy pickles covered with crunchy batter.

While we were eating we realised they do a range of their own desserts, fresh donuts, deep fried waffles, donut ice cream sandwich etc. We ordered a couple of donuts and some donut holes, they looked really good and  smelled even better.

On this day the donuts they had were red velvet and Oreo and let me just say they they were great, truly delicious. The dough had a excellent consistency and taste and not overly sweet or greasy with a scrumptious glaze topping which complimented the dough very well. The doughnut holes gain were very tasty, fried just right, slight crisp shell with a light fluffy and delicious centre, sprinkles with a sweet cinnamon powder and came with a caramel syrup.

For us on this occasion the desserts were the highlight of the meal and I would even drive there just for the donuts. The food was slightly disappointing and frustrated me because they have clearly made great efforts here with the development of this restaurant and menu, they have a nice atmosphere, friendly helpful staff and a creative menu, a well set up kitchen and chefs and could easily be great and not just good with a handful of tweaks and attention to detail.


  • Good quality ingredients
  • Great desserts
  • Friendly helpful staff


  • Need improvement on finer details and finishing


Taste - 6.5
Value - 6.5
Atmosphere - 7.5
Service - 7.5
Passionate about food, life....Hahaha only joking, Too cliche. I do very much enjoy good food though & I have always searched meticulously for better halal restaurants, take aways, snacks etc. So I decided to start putting it on the Interweb.

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