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This location of Comptoir Libanais is based in the food court of Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush London. I have been here at least a couple of dozen times previously and have tried quite a few of their dishes.

Comptoir Libanais has I believe 18 locations in the UK, some are smaller food hall style and others are restaurant locations. This review is only based on my experience from the Shepherds Bush location.

The food is Lebanese style starters, wraps, grills, dishes, tagine’s and some home made juices and soft drinks. This location being in a food court of such a busy shopping centre where there may be restrictions on how food can be prepared as well the pressure of serving many people with in small amounts of time understandably the quality wont be the same as some other Lebanese restaurants I have visited.

One of the most popular items sold here are the wraps, they have Chicken Taouk, Kafta (lamb), Haloumi and Felafel. Although they are prepared fresh on the day, they are pre prepared and stacked and then microwaved to order and as you can imagine does effect the quality and taste. The grills from the menu like the mixed grill and the burger are done to order and are better as they come fresh from the grill but on a few occasions (including this one) the meats are over cooked and even burnt. I could understand a slight overcooking being overlooked but not with black bits on it and then serving it. 

And again I guess due to time pressure many of the dishes are pre cooked also, but not all. That being said the food is not greatly effected, the salads are all freshly done and the commercial microwaves do a much better job of warming food without killing it.

And Now the Food Itself….

I will start with the flat bread wraps, for me they are not the best I have had, the chicken and lamb is sometimes a bit on the dry side and even burnt although the quality of the meats and other filling are good. Also the consistency is not that great, its is clear that different people make the wraps and all in their own ways. (more salad, no sauce, too much sauce, amount of chicken, burnt etc)

Some of the items can also be purchased as a platter which includes salad or potatoes and Humous, but oddly to me here is no bread, personally I don’t eat Humous and salad with just a fork. Its nice to have a little bread with it.

The grill plates (Chicken Taouk, Lamb Kafta etc) would be quite nice and are sometimes but with the inconsistency I probably wouldn’t advise getting it.

The tagine’s come with either rice, couscous or gluten free quinoa, I have tried the chicken with rice. Much better than the quick foods in terms of quality, tender pieces of meat, carrots, olives etc in a nice sauce, not spicy enough I would say.

Many of their items are slightly bland, perhaps to appeal to a wider audience, I don’t know.

They have a nice selection of cakes and pastries. The few i have tried were good. I like a good flaky syrupy pastry from time to time and these were quite fresh and crispy with nice nut fillings. The cakes, puddings and brownies all look quite good but I haven’t tried any.

They have a range of “fresh” lemonades and juices which are in the large whirring drinks dispensers, they are so so, a bit too sweet and do not taste particularly fresh.

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  • Fast & Convenient
  • Good Variety
  • Nice Desserts


  • Some food microwaved


Taste & Quality - 6.7
Value - 6.3
Passionate about food, life....Hahaha only joking, Too cliche. I do very much enjoy good food though & I have always searched meticulously for better halal restaurants, take aways, snacks etc. So I decided to start putting it on the Interweb.

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