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I heard about “Flaming Cow” from my daughter who was looking for burger restaurant  that we haven’t been to before (we have tried loads) . Oddly I had never heard of this restaurant even though I have driven passed it many times.

We booked in advance and arrived to be greeted with very friendly and helpful staff, the time, effort and friendliness of the staff was indeed great throughout the evening which was a nice change to many other burger establishments which are neutral at best.

As there was over ten of us including one vegetarian and four ex Californians, we ordered a variety of dishes, mostly different burgers, fish tacos, and a whole host of sides. The menu has a good selection of American themed burgers and foods, hot dogs, a few vegetarian dishes, salads, starters, sides, shakes and toppings to cater for everyone. There is also an option to “make your own burger” where you are given a card with many, many tick boxes and options to create the burger of your dreams.

Enough with the story and more about the food….I myself got a double cheese burger which consisted of two 4oz beef patties with double cheese and I also added jalapenos, The dry aged grass fed beef was very good and tasted fresh, not too course and not too flat and smooth, a good consistency all in a nice semi-brioche bun.

I also got the chilli-cheese fries which were very nice, one of the best I have had, the chilli itself was thick and rich, not filled with extra ingredients and was simple like it should be with a little kick. The fries also had melted cheddar, jalapenos and sour cream. 

The buffalo wings again were very delicious, great quality chicken wings with a good amount of succulent white meat so obviously not frozen. Juicy and succulent on the inside with a crispy fried batter and covered with the buffalo red sauce.

The “Frickles” (deep fried pickles) I loved and so did everyone else, juicy, salty pickles which are battered and deep fried. They had a delicious thick crunchy batter on the outside and were kind of moreish.

All the burgers went down a treat with everyone, a few of the group made their own, one person got the “Dirty Cow” which is the biggest, consisting of two 6oz patties separated by a third bun piece which is their most expensive burger at £14. Five of the group opted from the non beef burger items, which were fish tacos, chili-hotdog, buffalo chicken burger, California chicken salad and the Veggie burger.

The hot dog was good, a quarter pounder beef hot dog with chilli smothered on top, I tried a small piece and I will probably order next time (maybe)

The vegetarian of the group loved her burger as did the every person in our twelve man group which hardly ever happens when we are in such high numbers.

The buffalo chicken breast burger looked really nice but I had no more space to try it, I was told by my cousin that it was really good, crunchy outer with juicy chicken breast on the inside covered with the buffalo sauce, very similar to the wings.

We also got some drinks that are not available everywhere like craft style lemonades, American sodas, floats and mocktail’s (non-alcoholic cocktail’s)

I got the black cherry soda, which was expensive at £3.50, but very tasty indeed, I love cherry drinks. Need to find it wholesale 😉

The restaurant is based off the Broadway in Ealing, with loads of parking in the area. As you can see from the photo it is not that big but there is also a back section which can not been seen in the photo.

There was not much info about its halal status on the web apart from their own site and one or two reviews. Their website clearly stated the meats are halal and where it is sourced from, we also contacted them about their meat and were assured that all the meat is halal at the Ealing branch apart from the bacon/pork and that the kitchen staff made sure that there would be no cross contamination.

There is also a bar in this restaurant, which serves alcohol.


  • Good quality aged meats
  • Very friendly & hospitable
  • Willing to customise foods & drinks
  • Lots of parking in area


Taste & Quality - 7
Value - 7
Service - 8
Atmosphere - 7
Passionate about food, life....Hahaha only joking, Too cliche. I do very much enjoy good food though & I have always searched meticulously for better halal restaurants, take aways, snacks etc. So I decided to start putting it on the Interweb.

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