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Needo Grill is a Punjabi style asian grill and curry restaurant. Located in East London. They are very popular and busy which ensures fresh meats and ingredients. The inside is a bit like a maze with various sized rooms and loads of seating available, but maybe be full on busy nights but you are able to book in advance.

What we started with…

We went as a group of seven and ordered some “Seekh Kebabs”,  “Chicken Tikka” “Tandoori Chicken” and “Vegetable Pakora”. All the dished apart from the Pakora were served on the cast iron Karahi dishes and were served sizzling and hot, all cooked well, the meats were juicy and tender with a well balanced amount of spice and flavouring. Not the best kebabs and chicken I have had but still very good, the seekh kebabs could have been slightly more tender.

Seekh Kebab
Chicken Tikka

Main Dishes….

For the mains we ordered a “Butter Chicken”, “Karahi Chicken”, “Chicken Saag” and “Lamb Keema”. The Karahi and and Butter chicken curries we quite similar, nice flavour, perhaps a touch on the watery side, all the chicken pieces in the curries were a bit dry. I had never seen or tried a curry with Chicken & Saag which was actually surprisingly nice and unique, well balanced and the saag complimented the chicken nicely.

The keema was very average at best, flavour was slightly bland and a bit mushy overall, Keema maybe be just mince lamb with either peas, potatoes etc but can be very delicious if done well.

Chicken Saag
Karahi Chicken
Butter Chicken

To accompany the mains we had some rice a nan, the rice was nothing special, don’t get me wrong, the rice was cooked well but was lacking something, maybe salt or some flavour and should be a be more fluffy, The nan breads were nice, cooked well and buttered.

Nan Bread

Over all this place reminded me of Khans (if you have been) its fast, cheerful and well priced. Its not going to leave you thinking “wow” but it is above average and very fresh.

All food is all halal, no alcohol is served. There is plenty of space and the staff are willing to accommodate in terms of seating and even customising dishes. Also there some dishes available which are not listed on the menu online and in house. (not sure why) so ask if you don’t see what you want.


  • Fresh grilled meats and dishes
  • Large variety of dishes


  • Can be very busy so book if necessary


Taste - 6.8
Value - 8
Service - 7
Atmosphere - 6
Passionate about food, life....Hahaha only joking, Too cliche. I do very much enjoy good food though & I have always searched meticulously for better halal restaurants, take aways, snacks etc. So I decided to start putting it on the Interweb.

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