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REVIEW DATE: 01-12-2017

Tibb’s Frankie is actually a large fast food chain from India with about 400 branches, and this one is their first one in the UK, I would describe it a Indian food with a twist, the main items on the menu are wraps filled traditional Indian dishes but cooked like a filling much like Fajita’s.

Chilli Paneer Frankie

We tried the Chilli Paneer, Chilli Chicken, Tawa Chicken and the Choleh Frankie (chick peas), the wraps are generously filled and fresh onion/spring onion and masala spices sprinkled on before they are wrapped.

Although the fillings are pre cooked and stored in bain-marie’s they taste quite fresh and are cooked up daily or even multiple times in a day. The flavour combinations are very well done and the meats and veggies are tender and tasty.

The wrap bread it self is rather unique, it is something between a Paratha, nan and a tortilla, it is cooked on a griddle and is not overly greasy or buttery and tasted surprisingly nice and really suites the filings.

I also tried the chicken biriyani which was very nice, loads of tender pieces of chicken, fired onions, nuts and some other bits and pieces which made it quite different to you usual biriyani.

All the food is halal, but remember this is more of a fast food joint so do not expect a fine dining experience, its kind of like the “KFC” of Indian cuisine which can be a nice treat now and again. It is well price for the portion sizes and the staff were extremely friendly, the manager was very welcoming and gave us samples of the filling and a introductory discount too.

Thumbs Uo and Limca (Imported Indian soft drinks)


  • Nice spin on Indian food
  • Good portion sizes


Taste - 7.5
Value - 8
Service - 8
Passionate about food, life....Hahaha only joking, Too cliche. I do very much enjoy good food though & I have always searched meticulously for better halal restaurants, take aways, snacks etc. So I decided to start putting it on the Interweb.

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