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Wraps and Wings has been around for a few years now and was one of the earlier halal gourmet burger joints. An American style restaurant which mainly serves burgers, grilled chicken, wraps and wings. I have been here a good few times and must admit that their quality and style of cooking has been consistent. Its a small restaurant with an approx seating of 40 or so and they also deliver via Deliveroo which works out more expensive.

And now the review….

They have nice selection of starters including the usual suspects (cheese fries(£3), chilli cheese fries(£4), halloumi, slaw etc) The cheese they use for the fries is like a cheese sauce which is nice and doesn’t harden, chilli is good too, fries are done well, crunchy and fluffy.

The wings are lovely, with a variety of delicious sauces like buffalo, peri-peri and BBQ. I liked the buffalo the most. The wings themselves are good quality and they use the whole wing here.

I prefer wings which have a slight crunch under the sauce but never the less very good.

This time round we ordered two beef burgers (£7) and a buttermilk chicken burger(£6.5).

The beef is of good quality and tastes very nice. They use a good beef mix which suits burgers and are cooked very well although my burger didn’t come as a  “medium” as requested. Just using any old beef will never get good results.

The maple beef bacon is a good burger topping, its actually the best “fake” bacon style topping I’ve had.

They also do a buttermilk chicken burger, which is a succulent chicken breast covered with a buttermilk batter and then fried, which resulted in a tender burger covered with a very crunchy delicious shell. The chicken burger is not covered with buffalo sauce after it has been fried as some others do. (which is great)

As you’d expect they a selection of shakes and drinks including a range of American soda’s which can be upgraded to a float for £1.

All meats and ingredients are halal, It is clearly stated on the menu’s and on the site. No Alcohol is served either.


  • Quality Beef Mix
  • Consistent Quality & Service
  • Easy Parking


  • Small Seating Area


Taste - 8
Value - 7.5
Atmosphere - 7
Passionate about food, life....Hahaha only joking, Too cliche. I do very much enjoy good food though & I have always searched meticulously for better halal restaurants, take aways, snacks etc. So I decided to start putting it on the Interweb.

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